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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 3 Trade Destinations for Paul Millsap

At the end of this year’s NBA season, there will be lots of All-Star free agents and teams around the NBA will be looking to add new pieces to their rosters.

Paul Millsap can be added to that list as his contract with the Atlanta Hawks will expire at the end of this NBA season.

The Hawks will not want to lose Millsap without getting something in return so there is a possibility of a trade occurring before the trade deadline in February which could send Millsap elsewhere.

Here’s three teams we could see Millsap being dealt to before the trade deadline.

Houston Rockets

James Harden is making the Rockets into an excellent force this year but he is lacking someone to share the load with and if he gets injured, the Rockets could be in big trouble.

Ryan Anderson is currently the starting power forward for the Rockets and he’s been good averaging 13.5ppg and he grabs 5.5 rebounds, on average, a game.

Millsap arriving in Houston though would immediately strengthen the team and would also take some of the pressure off Harden’s back. The pairing of Harden and Millsap could turn into one of the most dynamic duo’s in the NBA if Millsap was to be traded to Houston and it could also be a stepping stone towards an NBA title for Houston.

This is an option that we could definitely see happen and if it did go ahead, it would be very exciting to see what Harden and Millsap could do together. The real question is: Who would the Rockets be willing to trade in order to get some serious support for Harden in Houston.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Since Durant has left the Thunder there has been constant talk about who they could sign or trade for in order to bring them back to NBA title contenders.

Westbrook has been doing a good job in keeping the Thunder relevant in the NBA and has helped them to a 16W-11L record but if the Thunder make the playoffs, like they are projected to at the minute, it would be hard to believe that Westbrook can keep up the impressive form he’s in, all the way through the playoffs to a possible Western Conference Finals matchup against the likes of the Warriors or Clippers and then contend against one of those teams to try and progress to the NBA Finals. He’d need more help to even contend in the Western Conference Finals at that point in the season if they make it that far.

The reality is that we won’t see the Thunder make the NBA Finals this year unless they make some trades. Millsap could be traded to the Thunder and immediately help them push for the NBA Finals this season if he was traded before the deadline and he could help by taking some of the pressure off Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook would have a power forward who can take the three-point shot or post-up down low to supply the ball with and Millsap could also help on the defensive end for Oklahoma.

Oklahoma could be a real fit for Millsap and the Thunder could offer up players like Kanter or maybe even Adams to bring Millsap to Oklahoma. This is a potential deal we could see happening with just a case of who would be traded for Millsap and when the trade would occur.

Boston Celtics

The last option I’m going to talk about in this article is the possibility of Millsap being dealt to the Celtics.

This would reunite Millsap with former Atlanta teammate, Al Horford.

At the minute, the Celtics have Amir Johnson as their starting power forward but some people think that Johnson just isn’t cutting it as he has averaged only 6.2ppg and 4rpg so far in the season.

The addition of Millsap would reignite the spark of the formidable frontcourt duo of Millsap and Horford.

The Celtics could offer up Johnson and maybe also another role player to make the deal happen. This would be a great option for Boston as they push to become one of the best in the East along with Cleveland and Toronto.

So far this season things haven’t been great for Boston and plans haven’t went as expected but the addition of Millsap would definitely put them right back on track.

It’ll be interesting to see where Millsap does end up being traded to or if he’s even traded at all. There is always the possibility of the Hawks keeping him until his contract expires and then they could try to resign him but that’s a big gamble as Millsap might not want to resign with Atlanta and this could leave the Hawks in the deep-end, getting nothing from Millsap and watching him walk out the door and go elsewhere.


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