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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 4 Best Destinations For Danilo Gallinari

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Danilo Gallinari has been one of the best shooters at the small forward position for some while now. After joining the Clippers, he began to finally take that next step as an offensive player averaging almost 20 points per game at 46% shooting. Gallinari is an excellent scoring option when he is on the floor, thanks to his size and shooting ability.

Yet, he found himself traded to a Thunder team that is in complete rebuild mode. For the sake of his own career, Danilo might be looking elsewhere for a chance to raise his game to another level and compete for a championship.

Here are the top 4 landing spots for Danilo Gallinari to prosper and finally take his game to an All-Star level.

Portland Trail Blazers

Teaming up with sharpshooters Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum would do wonders for his career. First, he would be complemented with 2 knockdown shooters. This will free up his game and give him more space to drain shots from the outside.

Next, he would be given essentially two All-Star players to help him win games, along with an excellent coach and supporting cast. Nurkic is probably in the Blazer long-term plans, and Gallinari will fit wonderfully in the frontcourt with him.

At the same time, the Blazers would get a legitimate third option to help C.J. and Dame in scoring, something they desperately need. The entire defensive gameplan is stopping those two prolific guards, and Gallinari would make them an instant threat in the West.

To make this happen, the Blazers would have to move Kent Bazemore and Gary Trent Jr. along with a first-round pick.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics almost became an NBA contender following the acquisition of Kyrie Irving two seasons ago. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as Hayward injured his leg and Kyrie became unhappy and unsettled in Boston. The Celtics were forced to retool after losing Kyrie to free agency and snagged Kemba Walker as their new franchise player.

Adding Gallinari would make them a formidable team on offense, which includes Jayson Tatum as well. The Celtics would probably have to sacrifice some valuable first-round picks to make this happen, or probably Jaylen Brown.

For Gallo, he gets an opportunity to play for a franchise with an exciting talent to further his career. He will be playing under a great coach, who has shown the ability to maximize the skillet of his players. Gallinari could be a big factor in the Celtics return to the top if he can find a way to the Celtics.

Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers are becoming a hotspot for top players recently, thanks to their collection of All-NBA talent and championship aspirations. Gallinari would fit nicely in the team, which is desperate for knockdown shooters and scorers from the perimeter. The Sixers have length and athleticism, and Gallo would introduce some high profile scoring to a contending team in the East.

Gallinari would give defenses fits playing alongside Embiid and Simmons, and this opportunity could potentially make him an All-Star team. He would also get a chance at an NBA Championship. The Sixers would have to get creative to make this happen by including a third team for a trade.

Gallinari played very well last season with the Clippers and might be able to replicate it even exceed his production playing next to Embiid and Simmons.

New York Knicks

The Knicks failed this Off-season, after failing to capture Durant or Kyrie. Thus, the hunt for a star player continues. Gallinari, while not on the level of Durant or Kyrie, would be a welcomed addition thanks to his ability to score in a variety of ways to help his team. Currently, the Knicks do not have a legitimate perimeter scorer on their roster.

Gallinari and Randle would give the Knicks a solid base to start building their team and hopefully start becoming threats to make the Playoffs in the Easy. For Gallo, he has an opportunity to showcase his skills and prove to the NBA Universe that he is an All-Star player who can put up big numbers. He would also have a great chance at making an All-Star team in the East.


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