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NBA Trade Rumors: Top 5 Best Destinations For Jaylen Brown

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Boston Celtics have recently said that “the chances are pretty slim” on a Jaylen Brown contract extension”, as reported by Sean Deveney.

This stems from Brown’s camp reportedly believing that Jaylen is worth a contract around 5-years/170 million dollars. This is an outrageous contract for Jaylen as he hasn’t taken much of a leap in his game but there is a plethora of reasons as to why this is.

For one, Jaylen hasn’t been given the chances to show us what he is capable of. He plays on a team with multiple ball-dominant players and will be, at most, the 3rd-4th option for the Celtics behind Kemba, Tatum, and maybe Gordon Hayward.

Jaylen Brown has also been dealing with multiple injuries and is always in and out of the starting lineup so there is no consistency. This is a big season for Brown and if he does not show massive improvements, I fully expect the Celtics to move on from Brown within the next year.

Here are 5 trade destinations for Jaylen Brown.

Cleveland Cavaliers

If Jaylen Brown does become available, the Cavs should 100% go after him as he would fix a lot of problems for this team. The Cavaliers recently drafted Darius Garland with the 5th pick in this past draft and it looks as if they plan to start him alongside Collin Sexton.

This move has been questioned by many as a backcourt of two undersized guards would be a defensive nightmare. Jaylen would be a great player for the Cavs to add as he would immediately become the team’s best perimeter defender while also adding to the Cavs' offense. Playing in John Belien’s system would also benefit Brown as Belien’s system is fast-paced and perimeter centric.

To acquire Jaylen Brown, the Cavs would have to part ways with Kevin Love. Looking at the potential trade for both parties, the Cavaliers would receive a great 3-and-D player and another young player with a ton of potential.

For the Celtics, they would be receiving a player in Kevin Love who can still give you 17 points and 9 rebounds a night. He would give the team another offensive threat and a player who knows what it takes to win a championship. Now for this trade to happen, Kevin Love will have to return to the player he once was in Minnesota and Jaylen Brown would have to regress as a player this season, and these are two things that seem unlikely to happen.

Indiana Pacers

It is no secret that the Indiana Pacers are in a predicament as they must choose between Myles Turner or Domantas Sabonis as the center for the future. This has happened because while on the court together, Sabonis and Turner do not fit and as we saw last season, it can drastically affect the team.

Trading for Jaylen Brown should be something that the Pacers consider as he would fix a plethora of problems that currently hinder this team. For one, Jaylen would provide depth at the small forward position, a position at which they are currently lacking. Jaylen would also bolster an already amazing defensive team and would be a player who could help this team until Victor Oladipo returns from injury.

If the Pacers are interested in trading for Jaylen Brown, they would more than likely part with Myles Turner rather than Domantas Sabonis as he just hasn’t taken the jump that many of us have expected him to take.

For the Pacers, they would be adding a player that would provide them with defense, depth, and another player with playoff experience.

For the Celtics, they would be adding a player that will drastically improve their interior defense.

Washington Wizards

The Celtics and the Wizards have been linked together in trade discussions since the end of June. As reported by Jordan Brenner of the Athletic, “Bradley Beal is a “Prime Option” for the Boston Celtics if Kyrie Leaves”.

Bradley Beal-Jaylen Brown trade does make sense for both parties as for the Celtics, you are getting a 25 point per game scorer who also has great playmaking skills. Bradley Beal is durable and someone who can be counted on and someone who could potentially be the number-one option on your team.

For the Wizards, you would be getting a player who tons of potential to pair alongside Rui Hachimura. Also, the hope for Jaylen would be that he would take the jump that everyone expects him to take in Washington as he would now be the focal point of the offense and become their number-one scoring option.

Toronto Raptors

The Raptors are known to be an aggressive team and a team that likes to take risks. We saw this firsthand as last offseason, they traded their franchise player in DeMar DeRozan in exchange for Kawhi Leonard, who at the time was in the last year of his contract. They also fired their Head Coach in Dwyane Casey, who was the Coach of the Year, and they made all of these moves after winning the most games in a season in franchise history with 59 wins.

The risks they made turned out to work in their favor as they were able to win the NBA championship this past season. This excitement from Toronto fans only lasted about a month as the player that has carried them through the playoffs, Kawhi Leonard, had left Toronto for the Los Angeles Clippers.

This upcoming season for the Raptors will be an interesting one as they will have a lot of decisions to make within the next year. With Pascal’s emergence, the plethora of players with a year left on their contracts, and with Masai Ujiri’s aggressiveness, I would be shocked if this team looks at the same at the end of the season.

Trading for Jaylen Brown would make a lot of sense for Raptors as it would give them another young player to pair alongside Pascal and would speed up the rebuild. The trade would more than likely be centered around Marc Gasol as the Celtics are currently in desperate need for a big man.

For the Raptors, you would be getting a great young player alongside Pascal to hopefully speed up a potential rebuild and a player who would help your team return to contention.

For the Celtics, you would be receiving a very good defensive center in Marc Gasol who is also a winner and an amazing locker room presence. It is worth noting though that this trade wouldn’t happen unless the Raptors are around the bottom of the Eastern Conference at around the mid-season mark.

Detroit Pistons

It is no secret that the Detroit Pistons are a mediocre team and that fact the Blake Griffin had to have the best season of his career for them to just barely make the playoffs says a lot. With Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson both set to become free agents at the end of this season, it would make a lot of sense for the Detroit Pistons to rebuild. Blake Griffin is the team’s most valuable trade asset and trading him to the Celtics in exchange for Brown and the plethora of young talent on that team would not only accelerate the rebuild, but it would also give you a player to build your team around.

For the Celtics, you would be receiving a star player in Blake Griffin who can give you 24 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists a night. Not to mention, Blake Griffin could be the player that puts you over teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks.

For the Pistons, Jaylen Brown alongside other young assets that the Celtics would trade you gives you multiple young players to build your team around and help you contend for the future. Not to mention, the trade would get Blake’s contract off the books and with Drummond and Reggie both set to become free agents, they would have a ton of cap space and a promising team to convince top free agents to sign with them.


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