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NBA Trade Rumors: Trevor Ariza Wants To Go To The Lakers


It's probably the worst kept secret in the NBA at the moment: Trevor Ariza and the Phoenix Suns are parting ways.

The only question left to ask now is where he might be headed.

As the Suns continue to try and send him to Washington, Ariza and his camp are reportedly keen on the idea of going to Los Angeles, where he played two seasons in 2007-2009.

(via ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski)

Ariza and his agent, Aaron Mintz of CAA, had hoped that the Lakers could complete a deal with the Suns, but that became more difficult to navigate in recent days, league sources said. Phoenix owner Robert Sarver became more sensitive about doing a deal with the Lakers in wake of the criticism that came with allowing center Tyson Chandler to get a contract buyout to join the Lakers last month, sources said. The Lakers had been eager to make a deal for Ariza.

Due to a confusion of which “Brooks” the Phoenix Suns were getting from the Grizzlies in the deal, the earlier reported three-team trade fell flat on its face. This leaves the Lakers with another chance to get back into the conversation.

As Woj points out, it will prove to be more challenging, as Robert Sarver (Suns' Owner) isn't wanting on sending him to Lakertown.

So, unless Sarver can swallow his pride, or L.A. just puts up an offer even he can't refuse, don't expect the Suns to just grant Ariza's wishes. At this point, anything can happen.