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NBA Trade Rumors: Two Possible Destinations for Klay Thompson

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

An 8-2 start would be pretty good for most teams in the NBA. But for the Warriors, it’s just not the start they had hoped for. With the acquisition of Kevin Durant over the summer, the Warriors felt that they were ready to once again be the unstoppable force of the league.

But for some reason, that vision never panned out and the Warriors find themselves facing a bit of an identity crisis. That leads us to where we are now, with rumblings from the league indicating the Warriors might be ready to make a big-time move.

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While nothing has been confirmed just yet, several sources have claimed they hear talks about Klay Thomspon being available. Sirius XM NBA Radio (@SiriusXMNBA) sent out a tweet that said: “I heard this weekend that Klay Thompson may be available, I heard that rumor going around involved w/ a team that wears green.”

So could Klay be on his way to Boston? Maybe so, but other rumors have Klay going to Philly. Weird right?

But whether or not the Warriors are upset enough at their start this season to trade away a key piece in their rotation, it sure seems concerning that even rumors of these trades are going around for a former 73-9 team.

So what would a Klay trade to Boston or Philly look like? Well, let’s take a look at some far fetched, but possible scenarios:

Klay Thompson to the Celtics?

A Klay to Celtics trade would likely involve three things. One of the Celtics prized big men, Avery Bradley, and a draft pick. While the details financially have yet to be fully worked out, Kelly Olynyk/ Amir Johnson (or Jae Crowder) and Avery Bradley would probably be what it would take to snag Klay.

Let’s remember that the Warriors biggest hole this year seems to be interior defense, so they will no doubt be looking for someone to help them there.

Klay Thompson to the Sixers?

This trade would no doubt change Klay’s world pretty hard.

He’d go from title contender to rock bottom, all in a matter of hours. Nerlens Noel is the big name linked to this trade.

Surely the Warriors will ask for more, but Noel for Klay doesn’t seem too terrible because Noel could be the rim protector the Warriors need so badly.

Throw in a couple low profile players (maybe some vets), some first round picks, and you have a decent deal. Not great but decent.

Admittedly, both of those trades would probably leave the Warriors with the shirt end of the stick. But who knows, maybe it helps them take the level they were at last year.


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