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NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors Could Chase Myles Turner In 2020 Offseason

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

Thanks to injuries and offseason changes, the Golden State Warriors were unable to earn themselves an invite to the NBA restart in Orlando.

Instead, for the first time in five years, they are stuck having to watch the postseason play-out from home.

The good news for Dub Nation, however, is that nobody expects their struggles to last for long. With Steph Curry and Klay Thompson set to return at full strength next season, you can bet the Warriors will be back to try and claim their spot at the top of the standings.

And, according to Tony Pesta of Fansided’s Blue Man Hoop, they may bring in another piece to help.

The missing ingredient to the Golden State Warriors has always been a star big-man. They tried to fill this void with DeMarcus Cousins last season and nearly ‘broke the NBA’ before injuries derailed their hopes. Now, they can recreate the magic by targetting Myles Turner.

Turner is a great shot blocker – leading the league in blocks last year and posting over 2 a game this year. He will defend the rim at an elite level but is a below-average rebounder for his position. Nonetheless, Turner can anchor the Dubs’ efforts in the paint. On offense, he is one of the best 3-point shooting bigs in the NBA. He drilled nearly 100 3-pointers this year on 34.4 percent shooting and was close to 40 percent last season. Turner will bring quality shooting on this end of the floor and spread the defense. The Warriors would be unstoppable with a weapon like Turner playing alongside the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green.

Myles Turned has reached a bit of a brick wall in Indiana. Whatever the problem is, there is strong belief around the league that his days in the city are numbered.

As a young, two-way big man, there is plenty of reason for the Warriors to look his way. This season, he is averaging 12 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks per game on 45.7% shooting. To provide a paint presence to grab rebounds and block shots would be huge for Golden State and may be just what they need to re-take their throne.