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New Intel Hints That Kyrie May Not Be Going Anywhere Next Summer


Kyrie Irving has had his names attached to rumors all offseason long. Most notably, rumors were beginning to surface that the All-Star point guard would sign with the Knicks next summer, essentially marking the end of a two-year run with Boston.

Yet, despite how encouraging that news must sound to New Yorkers, some new intel is saying the opposite. Kevin Arnovitz recently shared this on The Jump, regarding Kyrie Irving and his future with the Celtics:

"My best intel is that the Celtics and Kyrie have a pretty good mutual understanding that he wasn't going to be traded in the offseason and that there are long-term aspirations for both parties"

Sure sounds like a working partnership to me.

While it is true that the 2019 free agency period is long off, and plenty can change until then, it just seems so unlikely that Kyrie would leave, especially after this recent report. The Celtics are a greatly run organization, with one of the smartest coaches in the league, plenty of young talent on the rise, and a culture built around sharing the rock and excelling at the game of basketball.

There aren't many opprotunities like that lying around.