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New York Knicks Reportedly Eyeing Dejounte Murray And Jalen Brunson Backcourt

New York Knicks Reportedly Eyeing Dejounte Murray And Jalen Brunson Backcourt

The New York Knicks are aiming to make a big splash in the 2022 offseason. After the team bizarrely left the 2022 Draft with no players, their master plan started to show its form. The Knicks have traded Kemba Walker, Nerlens Noel, and Alec Burks to make a lot of cap space with the franchise looking to offer Jalen Brunson big money to leave Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

Another report is now suggesting that New York is one of the teams in the race to trade for Dejounte Murray after reports of Murray possibly going to the Atlanta Hawks surfaced

With the Knicks getting ready to offer a 4-year $110 million contract to Brunson and with the draft capital to entice the Spurs into trading Dejounte Murray, it's been suggested that the Knicks are looking to form a dynamic backcourt with Brunson and Murray while keeping Julius Randle and RJ Barrett on the squad.

"Opposing teams see Brunson and Murray as an attractive fit in the backcourt. People in touch with the organization don't see Brunson as some sort of franchise-altering savior. That would be an unfair expectation. If he comes here, he'll come for the contract."

Murray is a high-usage player, so Brunson will again be in a situation where he is sharing the ball-handling responsibilities with someone else. The difference is that Murray will not command the ball as much as Luka Doncic does. In addition, Murray is a better defensive fit next to Brunson compared to Luka.

Even with Murray, Brunson will hope to have a bigger impact on scoring. Brunson hasn't been the table-setter that dishes out dimes to his teammates, as that is what Luka does. Murray is similar, averaging over 9 assists last season. Brunson can focus on doing what he does best while Murray can be the primary playmaker and defensive guard. It's an interesting fit and New York may move heaven and earth to make it work.