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Nobody Wants To Trade For Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony didn't have a particularly spectacular season with the Thunder.

He averaged a career-low 16.2 points per game on a career-low 40% shooting for a Thunder team that was mostly better with him off of the floor. Now, a season later, both Melo and the Thunder are ready to move on.

Even with both sides looking for a way out, however, things have proven to be anything but easy. Simply put, nobody wants Carmelo. Or, at least, nobody is willing to part with assets in a trade to take on his awful contract.

Aside from his career-low numbers, it's quite understandable why teams aren't willing to give up a whole lot in a deal surrounding the 10x All-Star. At 34 years-old, it's unlikely that Carmelo will improve to his peak form again. Additionally, he refuses to accept a bench role, meaning he still very much desires to be the focal point of whatever offense he finds himself playing in.

For Anthony, it leaves a buyout as the only option remaining. From there, he'll likely receive interest from the Rockets, Lakers, and Heat, and has even already met with a few of them.

Still, it says a whole lot that nobody is willing to give anything up to get their hands on what used to be a bonafide superstar.

Hopefully wherever Carmelo goes next will resurrect his fractured career. Because if not, he may not have a place in this league again.