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OKC May Be Considering Something Huge


Life for the Oklahoma City Thunder hasn't been easy these past couple of years, even with Kevin Durant on board.

But, unfortunately for them, the struggles are only going to continue to mount from here. After a tough first-round loss to the Utah Jazz (who are on the brink of losing to the Rockets), they're facing a summer of huge uncertainty. Paul George may already have his feet out of the door, Carmelo may be an unwanted guarantee for next season, and the team as a whole has a lot of kinks to work out if they hope to make sense of their path ahead.

In the midst of all the chaos, rumors are starting to circulate about the now uncertain future of Russell Westbrook... once thought to be an untradeable cornerstone for the franchise. In a quote by Zach Lowe, he revealed that the idea of moving him is growing in popularity.

There are increasing number of people around the league who think Thunder should look at trading Westbrook. To be clear, not an a news report, just me spitballing idea with people in the league. A number of people think it's time for that team to have a change.

And my opinion on that matter - no one should touch that [Westbrook] supermax contract with a 10-foot pole. Those supermax contract at 30 million or 40 million for PG in their 30s ... and when someone proposed that Suns should trade Booker for him, I was like NO, don't do that.

It appears as if no one is safe for a Thunder team scrambling to fix their franchise. Even for a guy who gets a lot of slack regarding his ability to make others better, trading away Russell Westbrook would almost surely propel the Thunder into an era of rebuilding.

But who knows... maybe that's what they've needed this whole time.

This summer, the Thunder will have to figure out if that is indeed the case... or prepare to suffer the consequences if they are wrong.