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One Of The Craziest Offseasons In NBA History

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Every offseason brings a lot of surprises with it and this one hasn’t been a disappointment in that regard, with several bizarre and surprising moves taking place throughout the first week of free agency.

Teams have been really active over the last couple of days trying to get the most out of their time and improve their rosters ahead of the upcoming campaign, and even though some moves had been kind of anticipated, others have come right out of the blue.

And what makes this even more exciting is the fact that there’s still a lot of time left in free agency, so pretty much anything can happen considering all of what has happened already. So, let’s talk about the top 10 craziest moves of this offseason.

10. Trevor Ariza - Phoenix Suns (1 year, $15M)


Trevor Ariza was pretty much a lock to leave the Houston Rockets as the team was going to be extremely short on cash in order to re-sign Chris Paul and also keep Clint Capela, but nobody expected him to sign with the Suns.

Ariza could’ve been a major upgrade for any contending team in need for a 3 and D specialist, and it’s still unclear whether he’s going to come off the bench to back up Jackson or Warren or if he’ll be starting right out of the gate.

9. JaVale McGee - Los Angeles Lakers (2 years, $84M)

It seemed like JaVale McGee was only thriving because of his teammates, but apparently, Magic Johnson and Luke Walton believe he’s good and actually capable of contributing even without 4 All-Stars next to him.

So, amid a lot of moves to take the Los Angeles Lakers back to Championship contention, they’ve decided to add the 2 time NBA Champion big man to their roster (yes, we can’t believe he’s won a couple of rings either).

8. Julius Randle - New Orleans Pelicans (2 years, $18M)

USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Julius Randle got paid big time after proving his value with the Lakers, showing a lot of grit and hustle on both sides of the hardwood, and the Pelicans just got themselves a very dynamic frontcourt with him, Mirotic and Davis.

Randle was expected to play elsewhere but the fact that he was lured to New Orleans was a major shock. Furthermore, Davis’ mentorship could take his interior defense to a whole new level for sure.

7. DeAndre Jordan - Dallas Mavericks (1 year, $24M)


Following the emoji fiasco, they got involved into a couple of years ago, the fact that the Dallas Mavericks pursued DeAndre Jordan again was not only surprising but also really bizarre, after he bailed out on them and backed up of a verbal agreement.

Still, it seems like the Mavericks have finally landed their guy and a true starting center. Also, the Clippers must be really regretting to have passed on the opportunity of trading him when they got the chance.

6. Tony Parker - Charlotte Hornets (2 years, $10M)


Watching Tony Parker play and not be dressed in a San Antonio Spurs uniform is going to be the most bizarre thing in the league since Patrick Ewing played for the Seattle Supersonics, and nobody can really believe he actually signed with the Hornets.

Parker looked calmed and at peace with Popovich’s decision to demote him to the bench and let Dejounte Murray run the show, but apparently, the veteran playmaker still felt like he could bring a lot to the table as a starting point guard.

5. Lance Stephenson - Los Angeles Lakers (1 year, $4.5M)

When the Indiana Pacers declined their team option on Lance Stephenson, everybody thought he was pretty much done and would be forced to play overseas, until the Lakers decided to give him a chance.

What makes this move incredibly more surprising and odd is the fact that he’s going to play next to his self-proclaimed enemy; LeBron James, so that’s going to be an interesting story to follow all year long for sure.

4. Paul George - Oklahoma City Thunder (4 years, $137M)


Paul George had been closely linked with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers ever since he demanded a trade out of the Pacers, with the league even issuing a tampering fine against Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, he decided to come back and play next to Russell Westbrook to give it another shot at their project, and he’s got a lot to prove considering how poorly he played in the Thunder’s elimination game against the Jazz.

3. Rajon Rondo - Los Angeles Lakers (1 year, $9M)


Not only Rajon Rondo decided to sign with the longtime rivals Lakers after his Boston Celtics tenure, but also he’s going to be playing next to LeBron James after being one of his biggest detractors.

Moreover, this was a huge surprise considering the fact that the Lakers signed such a proven veteran as Rondo to back up Lonzo Ball right after his camp leaked the news about his injured knee, so perhaps this may come as a huge message to the Ball family and the young stud may even lose his starting gig.

2. LeBron James - Los Angeles Lakers (4 years, $154M)

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James was linked with a move to the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets as well, but he winds up settling for a 4 year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers to carry Kobe Bryant’s torch and take the team back to Championship contention.

Watching James dressed in purple and gold is going to be extremely odd, but he’s going to have a much bigger chance at dethroning the Golden State Warriors there even if that means playing in the fierce Western Conference.

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1. DeMarcus Cousins - Golden State Warriors (2 years, $18M)


DeMarcus Cousins pretty much ended this season by signing a 1 year 5 million deal with the Golden State Warriors in what be considered the softest move in the league since Kevin Durant also decide to join them a couple of years ago.

Cousins was expected to re-sign with the Pelicans or join the Los Angeles Lakers, but instead settled for a handful of cash and took the easy way out by joining a team that nobody’s going to beat this year.