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Pacers Could Acquire Bradley Beal For Four Players And 1st-Round Pick

(via The Washington Post)

(via The Washington Post)

The Indiana Pacers had a quieter summer than most. Aside from signing NBA two-way specialist Malcolm Brogdon, they did little to add to what they already had.

Instead, the Pacers will be going into next season with Brogdon, a healthy Victor Oladipo, and a highly motivated state of mind. They will fare better than most, especially in the East. Make no mistake: they are an opponent to be feared.

With another addition, a guy like Bradley Beal, for example, Indiana could improve their standing even more so, with the potential to become the favorites in the East. According to Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, that scenario could actually play out if both sides warm up to the idea.

“Victor Oladipo’s All-Star emergence gave the post-Paul George Indiana Pacers a new lease on life. But his ceiling and theirs are both capped by the absence of a second elite. Bradley Beal could change that. The 26-year-old is precisely the kind of high-level shot-creator and three-point splasher who could make Oladipo’s life not only easier but more successful. The in-prime perimeter stars are each plus players at both ends of the court, and with the likes of Myles Turner, Malcolm Brogdon and Jeremy Lamb rounding out the supporting cast, the Pacers could be a two-way problem.”

Beal would make the Pacers instant contenders in the East. And while they might not be considered at the level of Philly, or either L.A. teams, their well-balanced game, winning culture, and mix of collective talents will make them a threat.

As for the Wizards, the return of young players and picks would help them hit the reset button, something long-past due for the franchise.

Last season, Beal averaged a career-high 25.6 points per game on 47% shooting. Could he replicate those numbers in Indiana?