Paul George's Latest Quote May Have Proven He's Signing With The Lakers

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With July 1st only a couple of days away, new free agency rumors are popping up every single hour it seems, as we gear up for one of the most exciting and busiest times of the NBA year.

Oklahoma City's Paul George is one of the league's hottest commodities coming into this summer, and after the second part of his three-part TV series detailing his free agency journey this year aired on television yesterday, speculation over PG's playing future is at an all-time high.

The series has been particularly vague as to not give away any hints as to where George intends to sign in a few short days -- with the Lakers and Thunder the two options -- but PG may have already given away his FA intentions midway through the episode.

Speaking about his love for Los Angeles -- his hometown no less -- George didn't shy away from heaping praise for the Lakers organization.

PG even explicitly stated, "I want to win a championship in LA."

George has already opted out of his deal with the Thunder before the deadline later tonight, but that doesn't necessarily mean he won't be returning to OKC. PG can still re-sign with the Thunder on a max deal over 5 years, which would pay him almost $50 million more than if he signed a 4-year max deal with any other team in the league.

With George potentially being the domino that could see the likes of LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard heading to LA as well, all eyes will be on his impending decision on July 1st.