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Paul Pierce Says That LeBron James Should Only Choose Between Two Teams This Summer

Paul Pierce On His Rivalry With LeBron James: "I Always Said That If He And I Were The Same Age, I'd Be Different. He Might Not Have Gotten Those Championships In Miami If I Was 26 And He Was 26."

With LeBron James' impending free agency decision fast approaching this summer, speculation over where the four-time MVP could land next season has heated up.

After the departure of Kyrie Irving from the Cavaliers -- being traded to the Boston Celtics before this year's regular season -- and Cleveland's disappointing season, many are suggesting that LeBron will leave Cleveland in search of a better supporting cast to continue competing for championships year in and year out.

It'd be fair to say that whatever team LeBron James joins is an instant championship contender, and is almost guaranteed a spot in their conference's final, but according to Boston Celtics legend and long-time rival of James, only two teams in the NBA make sense for LeBron to join this offseason.

"It all depends on, I think with LeBron it's about the opportunity to win a title," Pierce was quoted as saying on NESN. "The only teams that I see that make sense for him are possibly Houston or Philadelphia. Those guys instantly have a chance to beat, knockoff, or win a championship, with that roster, if you have LeBron."

Pierce isn't wrong. The Houston Rockets are currently battling it out with the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, and adding LeBron to a roster already comprising of James Harden and Chris Paul would surely put them at least on par with the Warriors. On the other hand, the young Philadelphia 76ers were favorites to make the Eastern Conference Finals this year, but fell short to the Boston Celtics. Adding James to the mix would only increase their chances at winning it all, and with the youth on the roster, would see James competing for titles until his final years in the league.

The Los Angeles Lakers have also been rumored to be high on James' list of destinations, but according to PP, who grew up in LA, the Lakers are out of the question.

"There's a lot of rumors about the Lakers and all that, but I just don't see what they can do over there right away," Pierce added. "It'd have to be a quick fix to be a contender in one year for Los Angeles. So those are the two teams right there that I feel if he goes there, that's his best opportunity to win."

With the Cavaliers currently down 2-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Celtics, LeBron's first loss before the NBA Finals in seven years after a career-year would surely influence his decision.