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Pelicans Rejected Lakers' Offerer Of Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, And No. 28 Pick For Jrue Holiday

(via Lakers Outsiders/Franchise Sports)

(via Lakers Outsiders/Franchise Sports)

The LA Lakers made the first big move of the 2020 trade season by acquiring OKC point guard, Dennis Schroder. And while the deal was highly praised by Lakers fans and league analysts, new reports are suggesting it may not have been their first attempt.

According to Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus, the Lakers initially tried trading for Pelicans star Jrue Holiday, offering Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, and a first-round pick. The Pelicans were not interested.

The Lakers inquired with a deal built around Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, No. 28 and other considerations, but the Pelicans (who already own several of the Lakers’ future first-rounders) were not interested.

As the 2020 Champions, the Lakers proved they can beat anyone with a core of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. To truly maximize their chances of a repeat, however, they'll need to make some adjustments before the start of next season.

Holiday would have been a great acquisition -- but the offer, specifically Kyle Kuzma, did not have nearly enough appeal to get the job done. The young forward has struggled mightily since the arrival of LeBron, showing inconsistency and poor efficiency on the offensive end.

For now, LA has their guy in Dennis Schroder, but one has to wonder how limited their options are going forward if the market for their remaining players is as low as it seems.