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Pelicans Want the Lakers To Overwhelm Them With Picks

ANthony Davis

Another day has passed, and Anthony Davis has yet to be traded. After making what many reports are hinting as real progress, the team was left feeling pessimistic about their chances of getting a deal done.

This morning, things don't appear to be getting any easier for the Lakers, as the Pels seem intent on playing hardball.

In an update by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, New Orleans is not making a deal with the Lakers unless it includes 4 future first and second-round draft picks.

Giving up that many picks and their young players basically jeopardizes the Lakers' future and all but eliminates their assets to make another trade going forward. But for a team looking to compete now anyway, those picks hold little value, and they might not need to make another trade if they acquire Anthony Davis to pair with LeBron, plus whoever they can pull in free-agency.

It's still a whole lot to give up for the Lakers, and risk total disaster if somehow the LeBron/Davis duo doesn't work out as everyone would expect. But, often times, the biggest reward requires the biggest sacrifice.

The Lakers, who have been chasing Davis for years, are going to have to pay the price if they want to ensure they secure A.D. for years to come.