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Paul George Explains Why He And Kawhi Leonard Make A Great Duo: "We’re Both Just Humble Dudes"



In their first season together, with minimal practice time, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are proving to be one of the NBA's deadliest pairs.

Combining for 50 points, 14 rebounds, and 9 assists per game, PG and Kawhi are the main reasons for the Clippers' success this season (20-8 record, 2nd in the West). So what is it about their games that work so well? How are they able to work so efficiently together despite the lack of history?

When asked by ESPN, Paul George provided this answer as to how his partnership with the Klaw has been successful:

“I think we’re both just humble dudes,” George said. “You know, this group, outside of myself and Kawhi, is humble guys. They like to have fun, energetic and I think what we bring is, you know, just that humility, you know, we just mesh right in with everybody else. We not going against the grain. We here to have fun and win games too.”

Humility is, no doubt, an important part of one's character. In the locker-room, it creates an others-first mentality and allows better chemistry between teammates and stars.

Perhaps, as two humble individuals, George and Kawhi are reaping the benefits of their prideless character first-hand.

But, of course, we'll see if it holds up for the length of a full season and, more importantly, in the playoffs.