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Phoenix Suns Could Land Kevin Durant For A Trade Package The Brooklyn Nets Couldn't Reject

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Phoenix Suns Could Land Kevin Durant For A Trade Package The Brooklyn Nets Couldn't Reject

Kevin Durant is without question one of the best players in the league, and superstars like him don't often get traded. However, some recent news suggested that a Durant trade may be a possibility in the future.

Shams Charania has recently revealed that Kevin Durant is currently "considering his future" with the Brooklyn Nets, adding that this fact has also opened the door for Kyrie Irving to pursue a trade. If Kevin Durant isn't happy with the direction the Brooklyn Nets are headed in the future, it makes sense that he could request a trade.

A trade package for Kevin Durant won't necessarily be easy to assemble. It has been suggested that Kevin Durant could potentially command the biggest trade package in NBA history were he to ask for a trade.

A team that could potentially assemble that elite package could be the Phoenix Suns. They were a Finals team in 2021, but it is clear that they are missing something that could give them an edge. Perhaps they could make a move for Kevin Durant to get themselves to the next level: here is the potential trade package.

Phoenix Suns Receive: Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets Receive: Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, 2024 First-Round Pick (PHX), 2026 First-Round Pick (PHX)

Phoenix Suns Create An Elite Big Three

Kevin Durant would give the Phoenix Suns a superstar-caliber wing. While Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson are great 3 and D players who fill a role, they are nowhere close to being the offensive force that Kevin Durant is. Durant would clearly be an upgrade on their current wing situation, and there's no doubt that a coach like Monty Williams could do wonders with an offensive weapon of his caliber. Kevin Durant can virtually do everything well on the basketball court, though his ability to drive to the rim has gotten worse since his Achilles injury during his time on the Golden State Warriors.

The Phoenix Suns would have to give up a lot to get Kevin Durant. Losing three key rotation members and two future first-round picks is rough for any team. With that being said, they were already exploring sign-and-trade options for Deandre Ayton, who is the key player in this trade package, and would obviously be sent over via sign-and-trade. On top of that, they would also be getting better on the wing, while not having to move Devin Booker or Chris Paul.

There is no doubt that a big three of Devin Booker, Chris Paul, and Kevin Durant would make the Phoenix Suns a championship-caliber team. Kevin Durant would ensure that Devin Booker isn't the only three-level scorer on the roster, while also taking some of the scoring load off of Chris Paul. This would allow Chris Paul to focus on facilitating for others and let him be the third option behind Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. 

At the end of the day, it boils down to this notion. Superstars generally win championships, and when one is available, it is prudent to make a move. Of course, going top-heavy has its risks: one serious injury could spell doom for the entire season. But if Kevin Durant does indeed ask for a trade in the future, then the Phoenix Suns should definitely try to get him, as he is a difference-making player that is a proven champion.

Brooklyn Nets Get A Huge Trade Package Headlined By An Elite Center

If the Brooklyn Nets do end up trading Kevin Durant, it is quite likely that they will be entering a mini-rebuild or retool of sorts. The Phoenix Suns package would give them a good number of young players that they could develop. With this package, the Brooklyn Nets would also still be able to be a good defensive team.

Let's start with the players in this package. Deandre Ayton would give the Brooklyn Nets an elite two-way center, who can protect the rim and has a good interior offensive game. He was the former No. 1 pick, and it is quite possible that he will thrive on the Brooklyn Nets from an offensive standpoint when given more touches.

Mikal Bridges was in the DPOY running this year, and there was even talk about him potentially being an All-Star due to his defense. Mikal Bridges can guard 1-4 at a high level. In theory, Bridges would give the Brooklyn Nets an elite defender who can space the floor, and he has shown some ability to create for himself off the bounce sporadically.

Cam Johnson is a 3 and D player that is known for being an elite shooter, but he can also guard wing players fairly effectively. He would be a solid acquisition: he will be a restricted free agent after next season, and the Nets could potentially sign Johnson to an extension that would keep him around for the next few years.

The two first-round picks in this package would be the draft compensation required to get Kevin Durant. The Suns' picks could potentially get more valuable down the line, in particular their 2026 pick.

In this scenario, it is likely that the Nets will keep Ben Simmons on the roster, as he matches up with the timeline of the players that they will be receiving. The Brooklyn Nets would be a tough defensive squad with Ben Simmons, Deandre Ayton, and Mikal Bridges as their centerpieces, and this return for Kevin Durant would definitely be one of the best out there.