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NBA Rumors: Pistons Are Trying To Facilitate A Trade That Would Land Both Ball Brothers In Detroit Next Season

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Timberwolves, Warriors, and Hornets were the winners of Thursday's 2020 NBA Draft lottery, and considering where star prospect LaMelo Ball is projected to land, we can safely assume he'll end up with one of those three teams.

But according to Jason McIntyre, it could be the Pistons who land Ball in the end, and may actually be orchestrating a move that sees him up with his older brother.

(via Jason McIntyre)

Obviously, the Pistons did not land a Top 5 pick in this year's draft, but it's not hard to see them moving up to draft LaMelo. They could dangle their no. 7, Derrick Rose, or even Blake Griffin in trade talks.

If they do pull it off, having a Ball/Ball backcourt partnership would be one of the most exciting storylines in the NBA, and it might just work wonders for them. Lonzo has a couple years of experience in the league already and despite his struggles from beyond the arc, he is a great playmaker and defender.

Couple that with LaMelo, who is an offensive juggernaut, and it could be a perfect balance.

It's still a long shot, and the Pistons would have to pay a hefty price, but don't be surprised to see their names surface in trade talks these next few weeks.