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Report: Anthony Davis Open To Joining The Celtics


The chatter has already begun for AD’s next possible destination, and he’s hardly even said a word on the subject.

In fact, he’s been adamant about his loyalty to the Pelicans for years.

Nonetheless, mediocre play always brings doubt. And for the Pelicans, mediocre is exactly what they are.

Plus, being in a relatively small market in New Orleans, his brand would benefit substantially if he were to move to a place like Boston.

In a report by Chris Sheridan, wearing the Celtic green is just one option The Brow is considering.

Along with Boston, he wouldn’t mind a move to the Lakers, Knicks, or 76ers. Meaning, if traded there, he’d be willing to commit long term.

Regardless of what happens, you can probably bet Davis will be moved at the deadline anyway.

If they are “middle-of-the-pack or worse” in the Western Conference after the first half of the season, Davis will be more likely to be moved before the trade deadline.

It makes sense that AD would want to move, and makes even more sense why the Pels are apparently going to deal him if they don’t improve soon.

He’s 25, in his prime, and wants to win now. The risk of him leaving for nothing when his contract is up is just too great for New Orleans to ignore.

We could see a deal involving Markelle Fultz and J.J. Reddick from Philly, or a Gordon Hayward/Jaylen Brown swap for AD from Boston.

The options are endless.

Point is, all signs are pointing to Anthony Davis leaving the Pelicans, and he seems to like big markets. If any of this report is true, it’s going to be a wild season.