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Report: Cousins Turned Down 2-Year/$40 Million Offer From Pelicans


The DeMarcus Cousins narrative has taken the league by storm since the news of his union with the Warriors went public.

And while the public outcry may be a bit over-done, the latest update regarding Cousins and the Warriors may only serve to make things worse. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the idea that DMC had no options on the market isn't necessarily true.

To be clear, he received this offer before the season ended, not during the free-agent period. And while it does say that New Orleans took that deal off the table, it's hard to imagine they'd be completely unwilling to make DeMarcus an offer worth more than the one-year, $3.5 million deal with the Warriors.

See, what made this decision a little easier to swallow was the report that Cousins had zero offers in free-agency, and turning to the Dubs was a last-minute, last option move. And while the Pelicans offer was technically made before FA (and taken off before it started), it's becoming obvious that Cousins definitely had some other options on his plate.

The league will be fine, and things will normalize with time. Overeaction is normal. But to say people's bitterness is completely unwarranted? That might be going too far.