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Report: Gregg Popovich Has Banned Any Trades With The Lakers Involving Kawhi

5 Serious Reasons Why The Spurs Should Trade Kawhi Leonard

Rumors circulating around Kawhi Leonard's exit from the San Antonio Spurs are rapidly heating up after Kawhi has failed to appear on the San Antonio bench their entire postseason run so far, and fans are becoming extremely savvy to the idea of Leonard leaving the Spurs either this offseason or next.

It'd be pretty difficult to imagine Leonard in any other uniform other than a Spurs jersey, but multiple teams have been thrown around as potential suitors for his services, including none other that Kawhi's hometown teams the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers, as well as the Clippers, have already put together trade packages according to multiple reports in hopes of trade for the All-Star this offseason, but the most recent reports state that there's no chance the Lakers get their hands on Kawhi, at least if Gregg Popovich has anything to say about it.

Per Mark Heisler of the Orange County Register:

"It’s one of Popovich’s cardinal rules not to help Western Conference rivals, much less one with the tradition and resources of the Lakers."

This so-called revelation comes as no surprise, as Popovich was also opposed to the trade back in 2008 that sent Pau Gasol to the Lakers from the Memphis Grizzlies, that eventually helped the Lakers win championships in 2009 and 2010.