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Report: Lakers Had Talks About Trading Julius Randle For Nerlens Noel


Predicting the next wave of NBA All-Stars is never easy, not even for the Los Angeles Lakers. With the young core they have now, things appear to be looking up for the hopeful franchise.

But according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, L.A. could have looked very different. Have a listen:

Apparently, the Lakers and Mavericks were having talks about a Nerlens Noel,Julius Randle swap. Because of Noel's injuries, however, the Lakers evidently backed out.

No doubt, a trade of this magnitude would have worked heavily in Dallas' favor, as Noel has basically fallen out of the rotation. Julius, on the other hand, is proving quite the spark for his team off the bench, and will no doubt receive serious pay-check in the future.

It's interesting to think about how both teams would look like today had the trade actually gone through. But, alas, this will forever be on of those "what-if moments."