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Report: Lakers, Kawhi, Deal Could Be Done By Friday


With three days to go until the official start of the NBA free-agency period, things are quickly spiraling out of control for several teams and players. For Kahwi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs, things are clearly past the stage or repairability. In a report by ESPN, it was even stated that Kawhi has literally no intentions of stepping foot in the Spurs locker room again.

Leonard has been adamant that he doesn't want to step into the San Antonio locker room again, and the Spurs have been adamant that they won't be forced into a trade, or a timetable, prior to the February trading deadline, league sources said. No team talking with the Spurs about Leonard has found them to be in a rush to make a deal.

Meanwhile, for the Lakers, their summer dreams are being threatened. LeBron James is apparently hesitant to go to L.A. without another star being there. And because Paul George is reportedly seriously considering a return to OKC, the pressure is higher than ever for them to somehow convince San Antonio to let go of Kawhi.

To make matters even more dramatic, the Lakers don't have all the time in the world. LeBron James has to decide on Friday whether or not he wants to opt out of his deal with the Cavs, and even if he does, he won't remain on the market for long, as multiple sources have claimed he wants to make a decision before July 4th.

Regardless of what happens from here, it's clear that the Lakers will have to make a move within the next couple of days if they don't want to risk going 0/3 on superstars this offseason.