Report: LeBron and Paul George Could Be Teaming Up In Los Angeles

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Much has been said about both LeBron James and Paul George's playing future next season as they both head into free agency this summer.

No one knows exactly how things will play out for the pair of All-Stars this free agent period, as almost every single possibility has been discussed at length all season long for both player's futures. Paul George has the option to resign with the Oklahoma City Thunder and give it another go with Russell Westbrook and most likely Carmelo Anthony, or search elsewhere for success. LeBron has a player option, which he will most likely decline in order to take advantage of the rising cap. If he does decline though, that doesn't mean that he'll be leaving the Cavaliers, but after their performance this Finals, it seems unlikely James will want to return to a squad he's needed to do everything for this postseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers have repeatedly popped up on both player's radars as potential landing spots for them, with Paul George the most likely target for the Lakers. According to Adrian Wojnarowski however, both James and George will reportedly meet prior to free agency to discuss pairing up in LA and signing with the Lakers together.

Per The Oklahoman (via ESPN‘s “NBA Draft: On the Clock”):

“But Oklahoma City’s done a great job of selling him on a future there, and he liked playing with Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams and Billy Donovan,” Wojnarowski said. “They have a real opportunity to keep him, but the Lakers are home. He grew up in L.A., and when he left Indiana his plan was that he would be in L.A. in a year. So you have to credit Oklahoma City for really turning his head on that.”

However, George “fits right in” with Philadelphia, Wojnarowski said, and the 76ers have cap space this summer. The Houston Rockets, Wojnarowski said, will “be aggressive in trying to see if there’s a way to get (George) there.”

But Wojnarowski said “the most intriguing scenario remains” the possibility that George would team up on the Lakers with Cavaliers star LeBron James, who can opt out of the final year of his contract after this season.

“That’s gonna be a conversation or conversations (George and James) are gonna have once we get toward July,” Wojnarowski said.

The Lakers will be in possession of a boatload of cap space this offseason, enough to sign two max players if they wish, which means both Paul George and LeBron James in the gold and purple could be a real possibility.