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Report: Phil Jackson Wanted To Trade Kristaps Porzingis For The No. 1 Pick In The 2017 Draft To Select This Player


It's been well documented how sour the relationship between former Knicks president Phil Jackson and big man Kristaps Porzingis had turned during Jackson's last few months in charge of the New York franchise.

Porzingis failed to attend an exit meeting alongside PJ at the end of last season, and Jackson stated the Knicks were looking at trading Kristaps if there was a deal out there that they liked before the draft.

With the Zen Master now out of the Knicks' front office picture, it's come to light just what his plans with Kristaps were.

Reports say that Jackson was willing to move Porzingis to a number of teams and that he was after a variety of assets. Now it seems like Jackson had talked with the Celtics about acquiring the number one pick in June's NBA draft, intending to draft UCLA guard Lonzo Ball, who was taken second by the Lakers.

If Phil Jackson had traded Kristaps to the Celtics and drafted Ball, the NBA landscape would be largely different to what it looks like now.

Would the Celtics still pursue Gordon Hayward with Kristaps on the roster? Who would the Lakers have picked with the second pick? Where would Jayson Tatum and Frank Ntilikina end up?

It still remains a question mark whether Jayson Tatum will turn out to be a better player than Porzingis heading into the future, but Celtics brass are pretty confident in their rookie's potential.