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Report: Sixers, Cavs In Talks About Markelle Fultz Trade


The Markelle Fultz saga is nearing its end in Philly, as both sides appear ready to finally move on.

So far, besides quiet whispers, the Sixers have done a good job of hiding their feelings towards the former #1 overall pick. They even gave him a chance to find that shoulder injury, but have ultimately declared he just has the yips.

At this stage, he is no longer on the team’s long-term plans.

And, as Sam Amico reports, they might already have a team lined up to trade for his services.

Obviously “talked” is no commitment to anything, but it’s still interesting for a number of reasons.

For one, it adds validity to the speculation about a split between the team and Fultz. If they were fully on board to keep him, why have conversations about trading him?

Secondly, it shows that the Cavaliers are at least willing to think about taking the risk of acquiring him. With a sorry roster in a post-LeBron era and not a whole lot left to lose, that shouldn’t really be all that surprising anyway.

In this trade scenario, it sounds like Philly might get a guy like Collin Sexton or Cedi Osman in return, which seems a bit crazy considering their upside seems a bit larger than Fultz’ at the moment.

Regardless, this inquiry is likely just one of many the Sixers have gotten these past few days. With as many problems as Markelle Fultz presents, there’s still some value there.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time before he’s moved.