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Report: Spurs Want “Everything” In Any Deal For Kawhi Leonard


With every other domino already fallen, the world continues to await the finale of this never-ending Kawhi Leonard saga.

Despite limited leverage, and Kawhi’s threats to sit out next season, the Spurs continue to stand their ground.

According to Larry Coon on Spectrum Sportsnet, the price tag for Kawhi Leonard remains hefty.

“From what I hear they’re asking a lot. My sources are saying Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma, two firsts and two pick swaps... They’re just saying give us everything.”

This is likely why a deal hasn’t already been made for the superstar forward, as the Lakers have been reluctant to give up a single member of three young core, much less almost all of them.

But as things progress, it will be interesting to see what each side does as they work toward angling the best return possible.