Report: The Golden State Warriors Will Pursue Free Agent DeAndre Jordan

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Where's commissioner David Stern when you need him?

The theme of this year's free agency window is all about forming superteams to try and compete with the behemoth that is the Golden State Warriors. The likes of the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets have all been in the conversation to snag the best free agents this summer to try and level the playing field against the Warriors next season, as it seems the formula to win a championship these days is at least three All-Stars on a single roster.

But all of the superteam forming this offseason may all be for nothing, as reports are surfacing that the Warriors, who already have four All-Stars, are looking to sign recent free agent center DeAndre Jordan.

Jordan, who opted out of his contract with the Los Angeles Clippers in search of greener pastures, has been one of the NBA's best rebounding and most efficient big man over the past several seasons, regularly leading the league in rebounds per game, as well as field goal percentage. When you consider the Warriors current starting five, center is easily their biggest weakness, with a rotation of Zaza Pachulia, JaVale McGee and Jordan Bell filling the role alongside Curry, Thompson, Durant and Green. Adding one of the league's best center's to that starting unit would pretty much end every other team's championship aspirations before they've even begun. DeAndre -- who was due to earn over $24 million next season if he accepted his player option -- would need to take a massive paycut in order to sign with Golden State, we're talking leaving $20 million on the table, but if it leads to a championship, is $20 million that much money?

We can only hope, as fans of basketball as a whole, that GM Bob Myers doesn't find a way to get Jordan onto the roster.