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Report: There Are At Least 6 Teams Interested In Trading For Jimmy Butler


Originally, there were only three teams on Jimmy Butler's radar when he requested that the Minnesota Timberwolves trade him earlier this week, but the number of teams who are actively vying to trade for the All-Star swingman is double that.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, there are six teams who are heavily interested in Butler, and want to take negotiations further than just a quick phone call to the front office.

Two of the six are teams Butler has already mentioned he wouldn't mind going to: Brooklyn and the L.A. Clippers. The other four are somewhat out of left field, but still may stand a chance to snag Jimmy. Detroit, Houston, Miami and Philadelphia have all expressed interest in trading for Butler, according to Woj's league sources.

"So far, few franchises, if any, are engaged in serious conversations with the Timberwolves on Butler, sources said. The list of organizations interested in talking further with Minnesota is significant, league sources said: Brooklyn, Detroit, Houston, the LA Clippers, Miami and Philadelphia are among the teams interested in probing for deals."

Wolves owner Glen Taylor is reportedly also looking to get a deal done as quickly as possible to get Butler out of Minnesota's locker room to stop causing trouble within the team, so the longer it takes for a deal to get done, the more desperate the Timberwolves will get, opening the door for a few of those other teams to jump in, even if they have less-favorable assets compared to the likes of Houston and Philadelphia.