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Report: There's Only One Way LeBron Stays In Cleveland, And It Has Nothing To Do With Money


Seems like déjà vu doesn't it?

LeBron James is hitting free agency this offseason, he's just suffered a demorsalizing loss at the hands of a superteam in the playoffs, and the Cavaliers current roster has no business competing this deep into the postseason if it wasn't for LeBron.

After everything that has happened in Cleveland this season -- from Kyrie Irving being traded, to a massive midseason slump, huge deals being made at the trade deadline, to being swept in the NBA Finals, all the while LeBron has been in the midst of his best season perhaps ever stats-wise -- it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if James upped and left, just like he did back in 2010.

It's looking more likely every day that LeBron is going to be in search of greener pastures this summer, and apparently it's so certain that the only way LeBron will even entertain the idea of resigning in Cleveland is if his immediately family beg him to stay.

Cleveland fans better be hoping LeBron's wife Savannah and his children like where they're staying at the moment, and try to convince James to stay there a bit longer, otherwise a departure from Ohio is all but confirmed.

If we're being honest here though, it's quite obvious LeBron has grown sick, frustrated and tired this season with the way his team has performed, especially in the postseason, and if he needs to shoulder the load in Cleveland once again like he did this year, he may just quite simply run out of gas.