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Ric Bucher Says LeBron James-Anthony Davis Lakers Duo Is Not Scary At All

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

(via Silver Screen and Roll)

The ideal scenario for the Lakers is a partnership between LeBron James and Anthony Davis, so much so that they were willing to trade nearly half the roster to make it happen.

This summer, they will have the chance to chase him again, and likely will go all-in again once he becomes available.

But is there a flaw Lakers' ultimate plan? According to Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher, there certainly is.

(via the Scoop B Radio Podcast)

“Like, I’m not blown away. If LeBron and AD get together, that doesn’t scare me. One, because, if you’re talking about playing for titles, you need a lot more than that, so if you’re going to get him in the short term, if you’re going to get him for next year, it means you’re gonna have to give up some of the assets, some of the players, some of the talent you have right now, okay? That talent isn’t all that great, but even so, how are you going to replace it? Where are you going to get the replacement pieces?”

Ultimately, to acquire A.D., the team would have to give up nearly all the assets they have. They'd be left with a shell of a team to build around Davis and an aging LeBron James.

No matter how good Davis is, he alone would not be enough to instantly vault the Lakers into Championship contention. There simply has to be more, the team has to be deeper.

So, before they go all-in on the Pelicans' forward, maybe it would serve the Lakers bets if they rile din some other pieces first. Because, if we have learned anything in the NBA, it is that depth matters.