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Rockets 'Actively Exploring' Trades For Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, And P.J. Tucker

(via FiveThirtyEight)

(via FiveThirtyEight)

We know that the Rockets are looking to tweak their roster this summer. After ending the season with a loss to Golden State yet again, it has become clear that Houston ha shit a wall -- and Daryl Morey is not one who is known for sitting on his hands in these situations.

But just how committed are the Rockets to making a trade, and which pieces are the most likely to leave?

According to The New York Times' Marc Stein, the Rockets are being aggressive in their trade pursuits for three guys on the roster.

The Rockets are indeed shopping everyone on the roster not named Harden. The complexities involved in moving Chris Paul, who at age 34 has three years and nearly $125 million left on his contract, have Houston officials actively exploring the trade market for Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, and P.J. Tucker.

As one source with knowledge of the team’s thinking said, they are operating under the belief that at least one of those three mainstays will not be a Rocket next season.

Tucker, Capela, and Gordon are Houston's most moveable contracts. The problem is, all three players play a vital role in how successful the team was this past season. Finding the right return for these players is important if they really want to improve.

Their best bet for moving forward would be ridding themselves of Chris Paul's contract. But at 34-years-old, and with nearly $125 million left on his deal, that will be nearly impossible. So expect a series of moves to take place for Houston, one that involves one of the three players mentioned above.