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Rockets Could Acquire Kevin Love For PJ Tucker And Eric Gordon

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

The Houston Rockets made a splash when they acquired Russell Westbrook from the Thunder this offseason. And they could be preparing to make another.

In a piece by Andy Bailey of Bleacher Report, Houston could offer multiple pieces in a swap with Cleveland for All-Star forward, Kevin Love.

If there's some contender or near-contender out there in need of a floor-spacing big who can also carry enough of a scoring load to be a second or third option, Love might be it.

Something like PJ Tucker, Eric Gordon and any other deal in excess of $1 million would work under the cap. Losing Tucker might devastate the Houston Rockets defense, and Cleveland might insist on a future pick. But an attack with James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Love would be a nightmare to defend.

True, a trio consisting of Love, Harden, and Westbrook would be impossible to contain. But does Houston really have the pieces to pull off such a heist?

As the Cavs continue their rebuild, they will likely only send Love to a team that can offer picks and/or young players in return. PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon certainly don't fit that description.

Nonetheless, we've seen Daryl Morey pull off the impossible before. Will this be another example?