Rockets Should Trade Russell Westbrook For Blake Griffin, Say NBA Insiders

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Houston Rockets just finished a tumultuous NBA season which didn't start and end very well. Starting from the Daryl Morey-China controversy ahead of the season, going through their small-ball lineup and finishing with the inability of James Harden and Russell Westbrook to win, this campaign wasn't what they expected last year.

The future of the team and their two best players is a recurrent topic in the league right now. With Mike D'Antoni announcing he won't return as the team's head coach next season, the Rockets need to figure out some things, including what to do with Harden and Westbrook. A lot has been said about Russ and a potential trade involving him, but nothing is certain right now. However, according to ESPN's insider Brian Windhorst, Brodie could be shipped Detroit in exchange for Blake Griffin, the perfect player for the small-ball lineup.

In a recent podcast with Kevin Arnovitz, Windhorst dropped this idea, stating that Griffin can help Houston solve several problems.

"If you are going to make a big trade involving Russell Westbrook, there are only certain players you can trade for. Blake Griffin would be one of them. Blake could play small-ball center," he said.

This sounds like a good idea if you think about it. Russ and Harden are making $40 million this year each, leaving no cap space for the Rockets to sign that piece Harden says they're missing. Nevertheless, Griffin's health is something to be careful about. Last season he only played 18 games with the Pistons because of a knee injury.

Arnovitz explained that even though he can be a great addition to Houston, his health is a big risk.

"Prior to last season, he was a greater than 36% shooter from 3. He is a guy that would snuggly fit into the Houston Rockets' system. He is a better shooter than Westbrook. The problem is the health. I think it's a big gamble."

Everybody wants to talk about the Rockets' future and everybody is dropping ideas of what the organization should do. After Mike D'Antoni stepped down as the head coach of the team, rumors suggest Daryl Morey's job is on the line, as well. D'Antoni's departure might not be the only one we see from the Rockets this offseason.