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Rumor: Lakers Almost Traded Lonzo Ball To Bulls

(via The New York Post)

(via The New York Post)

Perhaps one of the more interesting dynamics in Los Angeles is the story of Lonzo Ball. After being drafted to the Lakers 2nd overall from UCLA, his career has taken a number of ups and downs.

One scene in particular almost changed the course of his career for good. According to Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun Times, the Lakers were reportedly in trade talks with the Chicago Bulls for a potential trade involving Ball.

According to one NBA executive, the Bulls and Lakers had initial conversations about point guard Lonzo Ball shortly after Ball’s camp made it public that Chicago would be one of his desired destinations if the Lakers were to move him. Could the No. 4 pick and a package with Dunn be enough to pry Ball loose? He’d be the perfect fit for what the Bulls are looking for, with an ability to push the ball and make plays, in addition to solid defense; he finished this season seventh among NBA point guards in defensive RPM (real plus-minus).

Lonzo is one of the league's best perimeter defenders and set the tone for the team's defense all year long. But his struggle to find a consistent jumper and inability to stay healthy has called into question his basketball future.

He would be a perfect fit in Chicago, but are they willing to pay the price? And are the Lakers willing to part with their former #2 overall pick for a guy like Kris Dunn and the #4 pick? At the time the answer was no, but these teams could always re-engage talks this summer.

The Lakers could then use the lottery pick as an asset for another deal -- but the Lakers will need a President before making any more decisions.