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Sixers And Celtics Can Offer Better Trade Package Than Lakers For Anthony Davis


It's officially trade season for the NBA and as teams scramble to improve their rosters, they'll be picking up the phone nonstop these next few weeks.

With increasing desperation to acquire another star, or at least improve the roster, the Lakers are sure to be one of those teams. Most notably, they'll be making a play for Anthony Davis. We recently learned that trade for Davis before the deadline is unlikely, thanks to a report by Woj, but once the summer starts, things are expected to heat up on that front.

The Lakers will be saving their assets for Davis... it's all they want at this point.

Thing is, even if the Pelicans do start getting serious this summer, L.A. might not even have the best offer. As Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus explains, there are at least two other teams with the potential to offer better, more appealing packages than Rob Pelinka and the Lakers.

In chasing Davis, the Lakers may need a push from his agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports, who also represents James.

"I'd say if the [Philadelphia 76ers offer Ben] Simmons, or with the [Boston] Celtics' package of picks and young players, the Lakers would probably be third," the former executive said. "One would think that [Pelicans general manager] Dell [Demps] would want a deal done around the draft [with Boston's picks]."

But the key to a Boston package might be second-year forward Jayson Tatum.

"After Simmons, I love Tatum. He'd have to be the deal-maker in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes," he continued. "If he's in the package, AD to the Celtics. To each his own in the NBA, and certainly others would value differently, but on average, based upon body of work, I think the 30 teams would value Philadelphia/Boston talent over the Lakers."

Of course, the availability of Ben Simmons id doubtful, even if it was for a guy like Anthony Davis. The kid has just got way too much upside, and the Sixers appear committed to making him the face of the franchise. For Boston, the likelihood of them including Tatum in a package for Davis seems a lot higher than it was just a few months ago. With the Celtics reeling, it would make sense that they'd start feeling more pressure to change things up.

True, the Lakers' appear most dedicated to making a play for the New Orleans big man. But don't think for a second that they'll be the only ones in pursuit. Things will prove difficult for L.A., and their quest for LeBron's sidekick may end with them settling for someone not named Anthony Davis.