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Source: J.R. Smith No Longer With Team As He Prepares For Trade Out Of Cleveland


It's tank season in Cleveland, Ohio, and any player that's over the age of 30 is on the block.

With the departure of LeBron James, the Cavs find themselves with the old, awkward pieces that they had surrounding him. Guys like Kyle Korver, Tristan Thompson, and Rodney Hood have no use to the team, other than providing a memory of their former glory days.

J.R. Smith is in the same boat.

When the Cavs acquired him via a trade with the Knicks back in 2015, he had a lot to offer a then blossoming Cavs roster. He would give the team a spark and the occasional three-point barrage to take the edge of LeBron James. In exchange, he'd reap the benefits of riding James' coat-tails to a Championship in 2016. It wasn't a pretty exchange, but it worked.

With all of that no longer in the picture, Smith and the Cavaliers have no need for each other anymore. In fact, they're already preparing for a split.

In the tweet by Vardon, he notes that J.R. is basically awaiting his exile from Cleveland.

So far, no indication has been made as far as what teams are interested, only that he won't be with the team post trade-deadline.