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Source: The Suns Are Locked In On Clippers Point Guard


They've got Devin Booker, they've got Deandre Ayton, but the Suns are still noticably missing a starting caliber point guard. Considering the talent level at the PG position in today's game (and especially the Western Conference), that's not a very good problem to have.

Fortunately, according to Shams Charania, the team is already looking at a solution: Patrick Beverley.

P-Bev would offer a lot for the Suns.

His defense is stellar (and much needed), his offense is good enough, and his veteran experience could help direct the young guys toward success this upcoming season.

Thing is, the Clippers are looking for a first-rounder in exchange, a price that Phoenix is currently reluctant to pay. So, unless the Clips lower their ask, the Suns will have to decide whether or not Patrick Beverley is worth losing out on another young prospect.