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The 3 Ways The Lakers Can Get Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis Lakers

LeBron James may now be with the LA Lakers but Los Angeles still need a lot more firepower if they are to defeat a team like the Warriors or the Celtics in a 7 game series. They have the best playmaker in basketball history with James, but he needs more pieces around him if they are to be true title contenders.

At the moment he is the only star on the squad and as we all know you need at least 2 if not 3 top guys to win it all these days. The Lakers need to get themselves another top 20 player if they are to stand a chance of winning it all, and who better to try and go for than the best power forward in the league.

Anthony Davis is a top 5 player in the NBA and at 25 years old he isn’t even in his prime yet. He’s a 3-time blocks leader who’s averaged 28 points and 11.4 rebounds a game over the past 2 seasons. He is a franchise player on his own who is the number 1 option on offense and shot-blocking stalwart on defense.

If the Lakers could somehow get him to LA then not only would a duo of David and James be unbelievable but when James eventually retires they would have Davis right in his prime ready to take over.

Getting Davis will not be cheap. It will cost an arm and a leg to get New Orleans to give up their prized asset, but if Davis feels that the Pelicans aren’t going anywhere then that could lower the price somewhat. Here are my top 3 ways that LA could land The Brow aka Anthony Davis.

1. 2019 February Trade Deadline

The Pelicans have lost DeMarcus Cousins who decided to sign for the Warriors for the veterans' minimum to try and win a title and they lost Rajon Rondo to the Lakers. The Pels did well last year sweeping the 3rd seed Blazers in the first round but coming up short to the Warriors in the Conference Semifinals.

I don’t see the Pels improving on that this year as the only other good player on their roster is Jrue Holiday. This will likely be another frustrating season for Davis as he struggles to carry New Orleans night after night.

If it is obvious that the Pelicans won’t make the Playoffs this year then Davis might want out and the Lakers could/should capitalize. A trade consisting of Ingram, Kuzma, a first round pick, Josh Hart and Zubac should be enough to get Davis to LA and allow New Orleans to start again.

2. 2019 NBA Summer

In all likelihood, Ingram and Kuzma will improve this season. Not only are they getting older and developing their game but they will also be learning from LeBron and benefiting from his presence on the court.

Their trade value should increase dramatically this season and the Lakers could take advantage of this. Davis will also have 1 less year on his contract, therefore, adding pressure to the front office of New Orleans.

A simple trade of Kuzma, Ingram and a first round pick should be good enough here to get The Brow to the Staples Center.

3. Summer of 2020 - Free Agency

Davis has a player option for the season of 2020/21 and in all likelihood, he will decline it. Even if he wants to stay with the Pels he would be able to earn a lot more money by declining the option and signing a max long-term deal.

Should Davis be frustrated with the direction that the Pelicans are taking then he could choose to up sticks and leave for sunnier pastures. If LA could persuade him to come to them then it would be for nothing in return, LeBron would be 35 and surely near the end of his career.

If the Lakers are thinking more long-term then this would be the way to get him.