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The 76ers Trading Block; Who Will Say Bye To Philly? MORE NBA TRADE RUMORS!

Photo Credit:  Andy Puente

Photo Credit: Andy Puente

This is sort of a two-for-one article. Here I will cover the recent trade rumors that have surfaced along with an interesting predicament that has the Philadelphia 76ers scratching their heads.

As indicated by Yibada, there has been a dialog in regards to a three-team exchange between Boston, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. The Boston Celtics would secure Kevin Love, the power forward of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nerlens Noel, one of the many centers for the 76ers would be sent to Cleveland, while youngster Jaylen Brown would join Ben Simmons in the city of brotherly love. Other pieces to help this trade move along would be the move of Jonas Jerebko to the Cavaliers; Amir Johnson of the Celtics, along with Terry Rozier, would be sent to Philadelphia.

A while back, the Cavaliers ‘confirmed’ that they weren’t interested in trading Kevin Love. When word began to spread about a potential trade for Demarcus Cousins of the Kings in exchange for Kevin Love, the Kings swiftly denied the possibility of the trade because they obviously wouldn’t be gaining any assets in that exchange. In fact, they’d be losing potential. The Cavaliers never truly said they wouldn’t trade Kevin Love. It was the Kings who said that they would not trade for him. Although, every team has its price.

Just look at what the Philadelphia 76ers have going on. They’ve got way more talent at the center position than they know what to do with. Literally, they have no idea what to do with the three guys that both want the starting position. These three include the 2015 3rd overall pick Jahlil Okafor, the 2014 3rd overall pick Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel who was drafted back in 2013 to play for the 76ers for two years. All three have talent, all three have potential and all three want minutes. I honestly do not see a scenario where all three get to stay in Philadelphia. 

The 76ers have ‘done their time’ in the draft and have now obtained valuable pieces. It’s time for them to make smart trades and acquire some big, or at least noticeable, names. Obviously, Nerlens Noel is the one out of the three centers that teams are looking at because he has been the one with the least injuries, the one who’s performed the best and the one who has been the most consistent. Wherever Noel is headed, you know it’s out of Philadelphia so I hope he has his bags packed.

The trade mentioned above would work in favor for everyone. The Philadelphia 76ers would obtain Jaylen Brown would who make an optimal power forward for them during their rebuilding stage along with Amir Johnson, who many say, is in the race to win Most Improved Player this upcoming regular season. 

The Boston Celtics would gain a very reliable power forward in Kevin Love that would help them contest against some of the bigger teams. Finally, the Cleveland Cavaliers would gain Nerlens Noel and Jonas Jerebko who would combine to make an interesting pair for starting and secondary power forward. I wouldn’t put it past the Cavaliers training and coaching staff to help both of them evolve into even more incredible defensive players, which is what the Cavaliers will look for if Kevin Love is to leave Cleveland.