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The Best Destinations For Chris Paul If He Wants To Win A Championship Next Season

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Chris Paul has done wonders for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He led them to the 5th seed in the Western Conference and is currently playing in the first-round matchup against the Houston Rockets. Paul is a top 5 MVP candidate this season and still one of the best point guards in the NBA.

When it comes to pure leadership and point guard intangibles, nobody beats Chris Paul right now. He is averaging 17.6 PPG, 5.0 RPG, and 6.7 APG in only 31.7 minutes of play. He is a perfect example of a guy who can change a franchise with his presence and leadership, as seen with the Thunder this season.

But it is highly likely that Chris Paul will not be winning an NBA Title with the Oklahoma City Thunder this season or anytime soon. Therefore, Chris Paul should find a new home next year. Even if the Thunder progress past the Rockets in the first round somehow, they will not have enough to survive the second round against the Lakers or Trail Blazers.

Here are the best destinations for Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul if he wants an NBA championship next year.

Miami Heat

Current franchise star Jimmy Butler made it clear that the Miami Heat will be adding another star next year. The team already has two with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, and a third one would put them as the favorites in the East.

A player like Chris Paul would immediately provide more leadership and defensive intangibles for a very good team in Miami. Adding a top-5 MVP candidate automatically makes a team loads better, especially if that player is a Hall of Fame point guard.

Chris Paul has the toughness and dog inside of him to play hard for 48 minutes alongside Jimmy Butler. The team would love to have Paul beside them on the court because he has plenty of postseason experience and does not have a weakness offensively.

The Heat will have to give up a host of young talent and productive role players in order to get Chris Paul, but it must be done if the Heat and Chris Paul want to win an NBA title together.

Trade Package: Andre Iguodala, Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn, Kelly Olynyk (player option), and Kezie Okpala for Chris Paul

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James has made it clear in the past that he enjoys the company of Chris Paul. As part of their "Banana Boat" dream, Chris Paul was one of LeBron's imaginary teammates. This would be exceptional for not only the chemistry of the team but also for the championship aspirations of the Lakers.

The Lakers do not have a playmaker other than LeBron James on the squad, which means an extremely high workload on the shoulders of a 35-year-old man. While LeBron James is not any ordinary athlete and he takes great care of his body, Father Time will eventually start catching up to him.

Chris Paul immediately relieves playing making duties off of LeBron James, giving him a lighter workload and also extending his career by at least one more season. If LeBron is expected to do all the passing and all the scoring, he will eventually burn out and his championship hopes for the Lakers are not looking too good.

Paul is having an amazing year and is still playing at a high level, so the Lakers must get it done for the sake of their team.

Trade Package: Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Avery Bradley (player option), Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (player option), and 2027 First Round Pick for Chris Paul

Milwaukee Bucks

Chris Paul alongside Giannis Antetokounmpo is just a match made in heaven. Eric Bledsoe is not getting the job done as a shooter from beyond, and he's nowhere near the level of Chris Paul as a point guard.

Bledsoe is a strong point guard with great defensive ability, but he lacks in other areas that the Bucks truly need. Chris Paul can create his own shot, is a master at the pick and roll, and as Hall of Fame credentials. He will essentially replace Bledsoe's defense except add an unbelievable talent on the offensive end.

The OKC Thunder will eventually move on from Chris Paul because he is certainly not part of the rebuilding plan. Even if Chris Paul guides OKC to the second round of the playoffs, their journey will end there. Rather than keeping an aging point guard with a high salary on the team, it is best to move him to another franchise that truly needs his abilities right now.

The Milwaukee Bucks are in win-now mode because they want to keep Giannis Antetokounmpo happy by competing in the Finals and for NBA championships.

Trade Package: Eric Bledsoe, George Hill, Ersan Ilyasova, Donte DiVincenzo, and Two First-Round Picks for Chris Paul

Los Angeles Clippers

A dream story for Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers fans, and everyone in between would be a Chris Paul reunion with the Clippers. Paul essentially made the Clippers relevant, and the Lob City era was truly one to remember. Chris Paul never managed to make the NBA finals with the Clippers, because he never had a good enough squad. Guys like Blake Griffin were usually injured, and they lacked a true wing player to help the team out.

Now, the Clippers have two superstar forwards and a fantastic bench under Doc Rivers. If Chris Paul were to join the Clippers, they would be NBA champions and it would be no question about that. The Clippers have a great squad, but they lack a bit of playmaking.

Patrick Beverley is more of a defensive role player than a starting point guard, while Lou Williams is a pure scorer. They need a guy like CP3 to break down defenses and let Kawhi and PG score the points. By giving up four critical role players, the Clippers will essentially dedicate their future to a big three of Paul, George, and Kawhi Leonard.

Trade Package: Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, Ivica Zubac, Rodney McGruder and Mfiondu Kabengele for Chris Paul


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