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The Blockbuster Trade Idea: Warriors Can Land Pascal Siakam For Draymond Green, Eric Paschall, And A 2021 First-Round Pick

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The Blockbuster Trade Idea: Warriors Can Land Pascal Siakam For Draymond Green, Eric Paschall, And A 2021 First-Round Pick

The Toronto Raptors have started 0-3, the first time since the early 2000s. They look like they're struggling against a lot of teams: it showed most recently when Pascal Siakam had an abysmal game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Something needs to change: the Toronto Raptors have definitely declined as a team, barring the internal development of their players. Losing their two elite defensive-minded centers in free agency and replacing them with Aron Baynes isn't going to cut it for the future.

The Warriors are currently looking for a star to put next to Stephen Curry. The two teams could work something out. The Raptors' biggest trade chip is Pascal Siakam: a combo forward who can do it all on the basketball court yet is heavily inconsistent. The Warriors would most likely put together a decent package for Siakam, but it wouldn't be as much as they would give up for a superstar like James Harden. Here is the potential trade:

Golden State Warriors Receive: Pascal Siakam

Toronto Raptors Receive: Draymond Green, Eric Paschall, 2021 Minnesota Timberwolves pick (1-3 protected)

The Toronto Raptors Re-Tool For The Future

Trading away Pascal Siakam might be a bold move, especially considering he made his first All-Star team just last year. However, Siakam has been struggling mightily ever since the Orlando bubble, especially on the offensive end. Perhaps trading him away to a team where another player like Stephen Curry can command some of the attention would be the best move for his career. The Warriors would have to send out a reasonable package, as Siakam is just entering his prime. The Raptors would demand assets for the future: with their development system, they could develop most prospects into great NBA players.

Draymond Green is a former DPOY and 3-time champion that would be the salary centerpiece of this deal. While Green seems to be declining, he is still a very good NBA player and could benefit from playing in a defensive-oriented system like Nick Nurse's. Eric Paschall is the young prospect that would headline this deal. Paschall is a bouncy wrecking ball of a forward: not quite Zion Williamson level, but he is very athletic, has a passable jumper from 3PT range, and is a confident shooter in the midrange too. Paschall's efforts were recognized with an All-Rookie selection after the 2019-20 season: perhaps with a trade to the Raptors, he can continue to build on his potential.

The 2021 pick would also be very important. The pick falls into the 2021 NBA draft class, with prospects like Cade Cunningham at the top, but a lot of elite talent in the middle as well. Two amazing pieces for the future and a solid veteran should be enough to tempt the Toronto Raptors to pick up the phone for a potential deal.

The Golden State Warriors Add A Proven Champion

Pascal Siakam may not be a superstar first option type of player, but he is definitely a more than capable All-Star. While he can develop into that first option, perhaps a more familiar role next to a superstar could also be beneficial to his development. That way, Siakam can develop his skill in-game, but not get multiple defenders thrown at him because he's a first scoring option on a contender. Siakam is still a more than capable player: he shows flashes of versatility on the offensive end and his long frame allows him to be a great defender on top of that. If Siakam were traded to the Warriors, he'd bring a two-way impact to the team, while letting the Warriors create a big three of Pascal Siakam, Andrew Wiggins, and Stephen Curry.

Adding an All-Star caliber player is worth it for any roster, especially if the trade involves giving up unproven players and picks for an elite player. Siakam could make a huge impact on the Golden State Warriors with his two-way ability. Playing with Stephen Curry should help with diverting defenders out of his way, allowing him to attack mismatches and post up to score.

While the Warriors would give up an extremely promising prospect in Paschall in this trade, it is worth it to get a proven All-NBA player. Siakam's defensive versatility fits the mold of the new Warriors young core: athletic young players, who are hungry for a championship. Siakam could be a worthy co-star to Curry: perhaps both franchises could work out a deal and put everyone in ideal situations for their futures.


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