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The Boston Celtics Could Create A Big 3 With Domantas Sabonis

The Boston Celtics Could Create A Big 3 With Domantas Sabonis

The Boston Celtics have had a horrid run so far in their 2021-22 NBA campaign. They should be looking to make changes. The Celtics are currently under .500 and are ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference standings with a 14-15 record.

There have been rumors flying around involving the Celtics, and that is expected. Every team is looking to somehow upgrade their roster for the second half of the season ahead of the playoffs, and it will be unwise to maintain the status quo, especially if it is not producing the desired results.

It was reported that the C's could trade Jaylen Brown if they do not succeed in the playoffs. While the call is entirely up to their front office, it is worth pointing out that they will likely not get maximum value for Brown, and he could still be useful in their pursuit of a championship.

League executives have commented on the Celtics situation, and believe a third star will do the trick. Brown and Jayson Tatum are incredibly exciting talents, but their efforts alone might not be enough to go all the way.

To that effect, the Celtics could consider making a move for Indiana Pacers Domantas Sabonis. League sources revealed that the Pacers might be considering a rebuild given how poorly they have performed this season, and Sabonis could be available for trade.

There are several upsides to acquiring Sabonis, as he is one of the league's best big men. His partnership with Myles Turner has not produced the expected result, but he is a great player.

In the last two seasons, he has made two All-Star appearances. So far this season, he is averaging 18.3 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 4.2 assists.

Sabonis can score, create, and clean up the glass, which are rare qualities in a big man. He could be the spark that helps the Celtics turn their season around and be championship contenders.

But, it is worth noting that he is not a great defender. The Celtics are a defensive-minded team, but perhaps a partnership with Robert Williams or Al Horford will help reduce the impact of his defensive deficiencies.