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The Boston Celtics Have Entered The Race For Kawhi Leonard


The Boston Celtics have reportedly expressed their interest in Kawhi Leonard who has recently asked to leave the San Antonio Spurs.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics had already inquired about a trade for Leonard prior to the February trade period deadline.

Boston may be the ideal team for San Antonio to trade with as the Celtics have plenty of tantalising options that could be used for the Leonard trade. Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier are examples of potential players that the Spurs may be interested in if the Celtics assumingly aren’t willing to consider trading Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward. An impressive debut season for 20-year-old Jayson Tatum will also be of great interest of the Spurs, however unlikely that the Celtics would consider including him in negotiations.

Kawhi Leonard has shown interest in joining other organisations such as Lakers and the Knicks, however, the amount of talent that Boston has to offer in return for Leonard may just give the Celtics an advantage over those competing teams.

After coming off an impressive 2018 season, the Celtics will be pushing for their first Eastern Conference championship since 2010. With Irving and Hayward returning from injuries, adding a 2-time Defensive Player of the Year and a Finals MVP winner to the roster may be just what they need to get themselves into the 2019 NBA Finals.