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The Boston Celtics Must Go All-In For Karl-Anthony Towns

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The frustration is starting to show for Karl-Anthony Towns. With his team currently in the midst of a 12 game losing streak, Towns hasn't won a basketball game since November and it seems the situation is getting dire.

To dig themselves out of this hole and electrify the roster, the Timberwolves need to continue shaking things up this deadline.

Might a KAT trade be in the works? As unlikely as it seems right now, at least one team has both the assets and the motivation to make a realistic run at Karl-Anthony Towns: the Boston Celtics.

With an obvious need for frontcourt depth, the Celtics would likely move heaven and earth to acquire a guy like Towns.

Against teams like the Sixers, they need a big man to pit up against their competition. Additionally, Towns' outside shooting can space the floor and open up space for others to drive to the rim and attack the basket. As for Towns, he is the perfect embodiment of the modern big. despite the losing, the young big man is averaging 26.9 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 4.3 assists on 50% shooting. Alongside young offensive marksmen and a loaded roster, he'd likely thrive.

But is there any indication he wants out of Minnesota? Judging from the reaction of their latest trade, he's less than pleased with the franchise...

With a package of Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, and multiple future first-rounders, the Celtics would certainly hold a phone call in trade talks for the superstar center.

With the clock ticking on the deadline, there isn't much time left to pull it off -- but, if any team can, it's Danny Ainge and his squad.