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The Brooklyn Nets Are Not Done Yet: 5 Best Buyout Targets

The Brooklyn Nets Are Not Done Yet: 5 Best Buyout Targets

The Brooklyn Nets were a team that has been active in acquiring players whose contracts have been bought out by their teams. Former All-Stars Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge have made their way over to Brooklyn in order to try and win a championship. The buyout market has been crucial for the Brooklyn Nets, as they have managed to add talent to their roster, with no trade assets being sent out.

But the Brooklyn Nets aren't done quite yet. They still have a roster spot open, and that means that they could potentially make a move for someone else on the buyout market. Veterans who are bought out often go to a place where they can potentially win a championship: that means the Brooklyn Nets are a prime destination for them. With that being said, here are the best buyout targets for the Brooklyn Nets.

5. Jeff Teague

 via Getty Images

via Getty Images

Jeff Teague has recently been waived by the Orlando Magic, meaning that he may be on the buyout market. Jeff Teague is a prototypical passing point guard, who is adept at setting up his teammates. While he isn't exactly as good as he was during his Atlanta Hawks days, he is still a good veteran who can play spot minutes.

Jeff Teague being signed onto the Brooklyn Nets would give them a solid veteran presence. Jeff Teague is also an experienced playoffs player, as he has had multiple playoff appearances with the Atlanta Hawks, notably being a part of the 60-win Atlanta Hawks team during the 2014-15 season. Jeff Teague is a point guard that can space the floor while making the right play, and his skills could potentially be useful in Brooklyn.

4. Kelly Olynyk


Kelly Olynyk is a player who has experienced many playoff runs with the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat. Adding another veteran in Olynyk wouldn't be the worst move, as Olynyk is a big man who is also capable of spacing the floor when he's on the court. He is a prime buyout candidate for the Houston Rockets, as they are clearly entering a rebuild phase, and have already released a veteran in DeMarcus Cousins this season.

The Brooklyn Nets would be a solid destination for Olynyk, as he would have a chance to potentially win a championship. Kelly Olynyk is still a capable player who can contribute to a championship roster. His spacing would definitely be useful, and he could easily be a productive bench player for the Nets.

3. Jabari Parker

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Jabari Parker has recently been waived by the Sacramento Kings. Jabari Parker is a player that has moved from team to team ever since leaving the Milwaukee Bucks. As he is a free agent currently, he could potentially be picked up by the Brooklyn Nets for some more depth.

Jabari Parker has shown that he can score the ball in the past: while he wouldn't have heavy minutes on the Brooklyn Nets roster, he could still potentially be useful as an option to score points off of the bench. The Brooklyn Nets have enough firepower. But having more options off the bench could be useful, and the Brooklyn Nets could use their last roster spot in order to take a chance on Parker.

2. Avery Bradley

via HoopsHabit

via Hoops Habit

Avery Bradley is a great defender that was a 2-time All-Defensive selection and even became an NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers during the 2019-20 season. Avery Bradley is a great bench player and is a prototypical 3 and D guard in the league. Defense wins championships, and thus, Avery Bradley would be a great option for a contender.

Avery Bradley would be a great option for the last roster spots on the Brooklyn Nets. Avery Bradley knows how to fit his role, and be part of a championship roster. He would also give the Brooklyn Nets another player who knows what it takes to win. Adding an elite perimeter defender wouldn't be a bad move at all for the Brooklyn Nets.

1. Otto Porter Jr.

Otto Porter

Otto Porter Jr. has recently been traded to the Orlando Magic. However, as they are clearly hitting a rebuild, Otto Porter Jr. could be bought out. Otto Porter is a solid wing player, who can guard the best perimeter player on the opposing team. Otto Porter is also an elite shooter, averaging 40.0% from beyond the arc this season.

Otto Porter Jr. is potentially the best option on this list. Otto Porter Jr. is a solid defender who can help them match up against elite wing players in the playoffs while being able to space the floor for their superstars. Adding Otto Porter Jr. is almost a no-brainer: if the Brooklyn Nets have the opportunity to acquire him, then they should do so.


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