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The Bulls And Suns Are Reportedly Offering Their 2019 Lottery Picks For Lonzo Ball

The Bulls And Suns Are Reportedly Offering Their 2019 Lottery Picks For Lonzo Ball

The upcoming 2019 Draft in June looks to be the number one focus for all the franchises who are coming off a poor and disappointing season.

According to Jason McIntyre of FS1, both the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns are already thinking ahead as it’s been reported that they both could offer up their 2019 lottery picks for the Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball. The two franchises have very strong draft picks with the Suns having the sixth overall pick and the Bulls owning the seventh overall pick.

McIntyre has reported that the Phoenix Suns owner loves Lonzo Ball, therefore the franchise is obviously very interested in the idea of Lonzo joining them.

The Chicago Bulls are also in need for a highly talented starting point guard after they look to be giving up on Kris Dunn becoming a star for the side.

It’s clear that Lonzo Ball would be well suited to either the Suns or the Bulls if they were able to get a deal sorted with the Lakers. That might be where it gets tricky, LeBron James is a big fan of the way that Lonzo Ball plays and the franchise still rate the young star very highly.

Ball was potentially an option to be traded earlier this season when the Lakers were looking to trade for Anthony Davis. If the Lakers again try to trade for Davis in the off-season, Lonzo Ball will again be on the table as a potential option. It could be that the only way he would be traded from the franchise, is if it was for another really big name to play next to the four-time MVP superstar.

This season, Ball averaged 9.9 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.4 assists while shooting 40.6 percent from the field.