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The Crazy Idea That Suggests Philly Should Offer Ben Simmons For Anthony Davis


Would you trade for one of the biggest stars in the NBA if it meant parting with a young guy that could become something special?

For Nate Jones, a trade like that between the Sixers and Pelicans would be perfect for both sides.

He explains in a tweet how a Simmons/Davis swap would provide each team with the opportunity they need.

It would be the trade of the year.

The 76ers would immediately vault into East supremacy. Embiid, Butler, and Davis would literally be unstoppable.

Obviously, for the Pelicans, it would give them a chance to start over with Simmons (who is younger) as the main centerpiece.


Of course, there are some problems as well. There’s no guarantee Simmons signs that extension with New Orleans, and there’s no promise that a trio of Embiid, Jimmy and Davis would work as well as we think it will.

Still, despite the risks, it kind of makes sense. Whether or not the teams actually do this or not is another story, but maybe it’s something they should at least think about before the trade deadline makes it impossible.