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The Golden State Warriors Could Trade Draymond Green If He Ask For A Max Deal

The Golden State Warriors Could Trade Draymond Green If He Ask For A Max Deal

Although it is extremely hard to create a true dynasty that wins multiple championships in a short time span, it is even harder to keep it together. Shaq and Kobe had their off-court feud which lead to O’Neal being traded to Miami. The 90’s Bulls had a huge clash of personalities that saw them split up in 1998. When you’re at the top everyone is focused on you and the pressure to keep on winning is immense. There’s also the concentration that’s required to stay at the top. When you’re trying climb a mountain the goal is very clear; reach the summit. When you’ve done that the only way you can go is down.

The Golden-State currently have the chance to prove to everyone that they are a true dynasty. If they win the title this season then that will be 3 in a row and 4 in 5 years. That hasn’t been achieved since the Boston Celtics in the late 1960s. Right now everyone in Golden-State will be focused on creating this illustrious piece of history.

After this season things are very much up in the air. DeMarcus Cousins will leave due to a lack of cap space going forward, Durant and Klay Thompson will be free-agents Draymond Green could also be on the move. Green is easily the most expendable Warrior and if wants a max deal he could find himself on another team next season.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Just last season, he dealt with nagging right shoulder soreness, a swollen elbow, knee soreness and a bruised pelvis. A sprained right toe has already forced Green to miss 12 games this season. The Warriors will take all this into account as he gets closer to free agency in summer 2020. At this point, they hope to keep Green as long as they can. But if Green decides he deserves a max deal and Golden State isn’t comfortable offering one, the two sides could part ways. Anything is possible.

The extended period where Draymond Green is out injured gives a reason for concern. Green is approaching 30 fast and his very physical style of basketball makes it very likely that his body will break down more and more and he grows older.

If the Warriors want to keep Thompson and Durant then they will need more cap space and offloading Green for some draft picks smaller salaries could give them the space they need to keep their scoring stars.

Green is a free agent in 2020 and if he wants a max contract I think the Warriors will not want to match Green’s expectations. The Warriors desperately want to keep Green as long as possible given the leadership and defense he brings to the table, but he is easily the most expendable star on the GSW roster.